See? I didn’t forget that Sydney had glasses with a built in translator. >cough<

So, panel 7, I almost added “CYBERNETIC EYE NOISES” as a nonomatopoeia, but honestly, I really wanted to also add “THAT WOULD DRIVE YOU CRAZY IF YOUR EYE MADE NOSIES EVERYTIME IT DID ANYTHING” but the panel was too small.

It’s one of those weird things we accept in movies and TV. Every time there’s a closeup of a cybernetic eye, there’s some camera zoom whine or something, but I don’t think there’d be a way of shielding that noise that’s coming from inside your skull from your ears. Well, unless your ears were also cybernetic and were linked so it could mute the eye noise.

Don’t forget that Dabbler’s lower, uh… left arm… Yeah, lower left arm is cybernetic from just below the elbow. She keeps her teleporter in it, which is really just another way around to a Bag of Holding effect, but of course she also has a variety of multitools built in, because why wouldn’t she? Of course, since the teleporter links to her workshop/armory, it’s like having a really large bag of holding that also has access to a 3D Printer that’s so sophisticated that it might as well be a matter replicator. Come to think of it, it’s a little weird that Dabbler hasn’t exploited that little piece of tech more in the comic. I mean, she can just summon a burrito whenever she wants, and it’s not like succubi get fat. Well, if they live in… when was that time, like the Renaissance? Then a succubus might go rubenesque if she wanted. Really, they can look like whatever the general consensus leans toward since being sexy is their primary method of acquiring tantric energy. Succubi more skilled that Dabbler at glamors can look like specific crushes or do the “heart’s desire” spell. Dabbler can do a very convincing personal glamor, but isn’t great at using it for targeted seduction. I guess I should say, caloric and tantric energy input doesn’t effect a succubus’s body the way it would with most of us meatbags.

The “U” in USB-W stands for “Universal (For Real Tho)” but really means “Galactic” since travelling between galaxies is a big pain in the butt and no ISO has really dealt with cross-Galactic standardizations yet. By the way, just as I was posting this I found out that “ISO” stands for “International Organization for Standardization” and not “International Standardization Organization” and that really bothers me now.

The March Vote Incentive is up! The thumbnail is weird because the picture doesn’t have anyone’s face in it. It’s an odd incentive, admittedly. Trying something new. But hopefully you all still enjoy it.

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