Also heard through the bathroom door:

Well, I got two hot ones burning a hole in my pocket.
Just wish I knew what to do with them.
This glowey web thing is weird.
It’s neat how it spins like that.
Whoever designed this process was not user focused.
What was with this delay? I wonder if my diet has anything to do with it.
Oh man I forgot to try Piri Piri sauce!

I’ll admit I didn’t spend a lot of time researching how airplane bathrooms worked, but I would assume that there are multiple valves to prevent leaks if something breaks. Still for the sake of this page, let’s assume the swirling orbs broke just enough stuff to cause a comical if probably short lived spray of water.

The new vote incentive might be up with the Thursday comic. Definitely next Monday. And yes, it is Sydney centric. (But not airplane bathroom selfies.)

The March Vote Incentive is up! The thumbnail is weird because the picture doesn’t have anyone’s face in it. It’s an odd incentive, admittedly. Trying something new. But hopefully you all still enjoy it.

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