Hmm, take the stairs up one floor to the roof which you then intend to jump off, or just take the elevator down three floors? You have to admit, Anvil is thinking like a super.

I imagine most women, and black women especially would like to have a hairstylist with super speed. Or at least someone that can speed up chemical reactions. (And presumably, someone who can apply their super speed without yanking out half their hair.) Anvil doesn’t have a natural afro though. I attribute that to some quirk of her being a super in my head, but there’s no reason it would be. Red hair and kinetic absorption have nothing to do with each other, just as straight hair and super muscles have no relation. She just happens to have wavy red hair cause I liked they way it looked when I first drew her like that.

I do like the sort-of-but-not-really dreads look on her, but… it’s kind of a lot of work drawing all those leather ties, so I don’t know how long it’s going to last. Honestly, part of the reason I decided to change it was to set up a joke that might take a long time to actually pay off.

I know that Anvil looks completely different on this page. If my art has one weakness, it’s consistency. Fortunately, my art has many additional weaknesses, hah hah. Seriously though, on the prior page, I was looking at a picture of Gina Torres (Zoë Washburne from Firefly) when I drew her. I don’t often have particular actors in mind for most of my characters, but Torres and/or Angela Bassett could play her. Torres for the face, and Bassett from back in the day when she was buuuuff.

Anyway, I guess I should have kept using Torres as a reference, though I have to say I like the closeup of her face on this page better, even if she looks ten years younger from the previous page. That’s not a slam on Torres either, just how the art came out.




The new vote incentive is up! I tried something different this month – instead of doing one well painted picture with a bunch of dress variants, I wanted to tell a bit of a story. Hopefully it makes sense without any dialog or sound effects. So, instead of one picture, you guys are getting nine. Well, you are over at Patreon. The vote incentive is just the first one. And yes, Pixel is bendy enough to do a full on T&A pose.


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