To clarify from the prior page, Max isn’t necessarily on board with trying to loot Galytn technology from under Deus’s nose. But she’s in the room with her boss’s boss and there are already plans in existence, so she’s going along with it in the moment. After all, Briggs said to “devise plans” not necessarily to execute them. You can see here that she’s gently trying to steer away from that course of action, but I don’t think there’s anyone who makes it to her rank, especially someone like her who has more than the usual amount of top secret clearance, who doesn’t understand that the U.S. is involved in a lot of shady shit. Sure, the average Air Force Major (her rank before getting the bump to Archon) isn’t getting read in on all the underhanded stuff the CIA gets up to, but a person would have to be especially ignorant not to recognize that the U.S. sometimes protects its interests in ways that are morally questionable. Also downright reprehensible. And sure, most every government has skeletons in their closet, if not mass-unmarked graves full of them. Max is taking the gentle pressure on the rudder approach here, because telling the guy three ranks above you to take a hike is generally not the most productive strategy.

America being put in the position of being at a significant technological disadvantage would cause a considerable reaction, IMO. Combining that with Deus marching an army of literal demons onto the field and I think there would be a lot of movement behind the scenes, and a lot of pulpit pounding rhetoric. The only reason Deus’s demon army wouldn’t be front and center 24/7 on every news station would be if something else dramatic happened. If there’s anything the last few years have taught us, it’s that “the public” has crippling ADD. Something bad happens and everyone is outraged, then something else bad happens and everyone forgets about the previous thing immediately to focus on the new thing. In the less than 6 months, the Grrl-verse populace has had proof of superpowers, proof of aliens, proof of humans living in space, aliens visiting NY, aliens landing in Africa, proof of demons, and several public superpower and/or alien battles. At this point, a lot of people would be going “You know what, I’m going back to my woodturning facebook group/knitting circle/book club and/or r/InstantBarbarians.

To be fair, there would also be a lot of people panicking and spiraling. So, business as usual.

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