I like the super advanced alien tech being transferred via paper blueprint. It’s just an artistic shortcut, really. Actual alien data technology probably looks like a single slice of graphite from a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil. Something so ridiculously compact that the actual product is 90% bezel so humanoid scale appendages have something to grip.

This page wraps the “hearing” sequence. Well, the actual hearing part, the next page is sort of transitional, then we’re on to other things. The actual hearing continues on past these subject, with a lot of time being devoted to the invasion of an army of literal demons, among other things. I just wanted to show a few pages of what Max gets up to when she’s not fending off Deus’s advances, wrangling Privates, or punching bad guys.

The April vote incentive is up! As promised, it’s a Sydney pinup. Not airplane bathroom selfies, but hopefully her cuteness will satisfy.

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