Max shouted the quiet part. But then, she’s the field leader of the U.S.’s Super team, so for all anyone getting lunch there knows, wormholes are a daily occurence. I’m not sure if the glare at the end there is a “I am one of the most dangerous things in our arsenal, so back off!” or an “I outrank you so don’t you dare eavesdrop on the things I am shouting!”

While working on this page I learned that the center of the Pentagon is a 5-acre park, complete with a hotdog stand, which may or may not be closed, but in the Grrl-verse, it’s open. Probably sells more than just hotdogs though. Sausage on a stick, maybe a kielbasa on a bun with some whole grain mustard, and if you want to stick to selling only roughly hotdog shaped foods, then why not churros, skinny burritos, push-pops, and pretzel sticks as well?

The April vote incentive is up! As promised, it’s a Sydney pinup. Not airplane bathroom selfies, but hopefully her cuteness will satisfy.

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