Not really sure what to say about this one, other than you probably shouldn’t hire me to design a name and theme for your restaurant, because apparently I can only come up with really silly ones. I would totally eat at a place called Luftwaffles though.

I finally finished the Dabbler vs. Zintiel wallpaper, you can vote for it at the usual place, and once you do that hit the DeviantArt page for the full sized image.


This is a little off topic but I think some of you might enjoy it. I don’t have nearly as much time to play video games as I used to (just finished the first playthough of Borderlands 2 this weekend) so I keep my eye out for games I can play in smaller chunks now, and I rediscovered a classic this week. For anyone who thinks that games these days aren’t <i>nearly</i> violent enough, and are also way too easy, I recommend you check out Brutal Doom. It’s a mod for Doom I/II that… well makes it way way way more violent. I played through the first few levels over the weekend and I was giggling constantly. So for anyone interested here’s a few links:

Check out this Video, then download GZDoom, and finally Brutal Doom for GZDoom

I don’t know if you actually need Doom I/II installed to play this, but here’s how I got it working:
1) Installed Doom II via Steam
2) Unzipped GZDoom into it’s own folder in the Doom II install
3) Unzippled Brutal Doom into the GZDoom}y folder
4) Drag brutalv017gzdoom.pk3 on to gzdoom.exe
5) Groovy.