They say write what you know, but that’s dumb because then who would write Doctor Who and Superhero comics and speculative fiction and any sort of fantasy or really anything but autobiographies?  Still, I have no business writing about people dating in singles bars cause that is not my scene. However in this case, it works to my advantage because neither Max nor Rowan here are exactly experts, either.

Do you shake hands? I could believe arguments either way, but it seems like something that if you get it wrong, it’s a mark against you right off the bat. I’m going to guess if it’s a random singles bar introduction, probably not. If it’s a blind date… uh… maybe? I think it’s even odds between a handshake, a non-committal one-armed hug, and three seconds of awkward silence.

I can’t decide if in panel 5 Max is sincerely trying to flirt or “Put the Op4 on the defensive.” I think it’s leaning more toward “Well, if I’m going to do this, I’m gonna at least try and do it well.”

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