The werewolf mafia is actually a cabal of several different therianthrope species, as well as some other supernaturals, (and plenty of mundanes on the street level) but they decided that calling themselves The Wereweasel mafia didn’t sound as cool. The Wereowl Mafia was briefly considered, but people kept pronouncing it “Were Wowl” and some people heard “Were Wow” and that sounded like an after school club for Lycanthrope kids in the 80’s, so they stuck with Werewolf.

FYI, Ms. Tantalis is Dabbler, Mr. Zoeng is Zephan, Master Gault is… well, Master Gault, the head mage of the Twilight Council. Mr. Lockwood is Gregor, the Dire Werewolf. Lord Ingsol… I guess Ingsol is his last name and when you finally hear his first name it sounds weird because you’re used to thinking of him as just “Ingsol.” Like Ellen Ripley. It’s fine, just a little jarring after getting used to think of her as just “Ripley.” Still, better “Ellen” than something that would totally pull you out of the movie, like if her first name had been Trixibelle, Derfla, Boomquifa, or Schartzmugel.

I’m not sure what nationality Ingsol used to be, so I haven’t decided on a first name for him. Ingsol sounds like Ingersoll which can vaguely be traced back to Old English, but also could be related to “Ingvar” which is Old Norse. So his first name could be something cool like Ælfgar, or it could be something nerdy like Ægenbeald, Earnweald, or Cuþberht, because even though those names are still pretty metal in today’s world, if you’re hanging out with Ælfgar, Beowulf, Cynewulf, and Godmund, the guy named Earnweald definitely gets picked on.

And yes, the Senator there does rather look a lot like Michael Peña. I decided to use a model instead of coming up with some generic looking male face, so now the senator looks like Michael Peña.

Oh, and Sciona/Escorpia isn’t supposed to be Sydney short in that first panel. I messed up the perspective. She’s like 5’5.”

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