Oh sheeeeit, haven’t seen her in a while!

Okay, some (most) of you are probably all, “Um… who is that?” It’s Sciona, who is possessing Escorpia‘s murdered body. (She got better.) Of course, no one in the room knows this. She’s obviously been busy since she, I don’t know, took over some nowhere town in Mexico? Or just stuck all her disembodied pals in a bindle and marched across the border. Woe to the ICE unit that tried to detain her.

I bet you guys thought this page would be Maxima, Dabbler and Halo on an alien magic heavy planet kicking the shit out of a dracolich or something, but no! Get ready for some hot and heavy budget meeting action!

See, Maxima wants her own private dungeon. Like having a garden in your own backyard. Why buy groceries like a sucker when you can have fresh tomatoes four months out of the year assuming the rabbits don’t get ’em first?

Can you imagine the dungeon farming industry in an industrialized, capitalist society? You could go into the grocery store and just pick up a bag of dragon scales, and of course there’d be “imitation dragon scales” which are really salamander scales but they work the same in about 15% of alchemical solutions so the FD&DA allows it. Then there’d be a call for “free range” alchemical ingredients, but of course no one wants rust monsters in their neighborhood so all the dungeon farms have to be out in the middle of nowhere in case some of them escape. And then there’d be stuff like “organic eye of newt” that costs 2.5 times as much even though it’s the same thing because how could you have inorganic eye of newt, but some people will pay extra to feel good about themselves by getting shafted by “Ma and Pa Farms” which are owned by Colosso Corpo Farm.

Oh, and feel free to ignore any inconsistencies in Ingsol’s accent. My initial strategy with him was to transpose all his “V’s” and “W’s” but that doesn’t always make for super legible dialog. Plus, neither of those are the most common letters, so when reading his lines, remember that his actual accent is Chekov looking for nuclear wessels meets The Count from Sesame Street. Aah-ah-ah!

The June vote incentive is finally up! Maxima is prepping for her night out.

And in the Patreon variants, she gets (un)dressed and takes a look through all the makeup options.




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