It’s always fun when you stump the smartest person in the room. Or at least one of the smartest people in the room. We don’t know how Dabbler’s intelligence compares to Deus’s. But in this instance, she’s got 130-is years of experience on him, and as far as we know he’s never gone Delving, so on this topic she’s probably the expert-est.

Of course, then you’re tempted to keep it rolling so you try and ask her a seemingly complicated question like “How old is time?” and she’s all “Same age as the universe.” and you’re like “Whaaaa?” and she shrugs and is all “Before the universe existed there was no time in which an absence of time could exist, so obviously time started once time started existing.” and then you’re like “But… how… when did… how did the Big Bang happen if there was no time before the Big Bang happened?” and she puts her finger to the side of her nose. “You gotta figure that one out yourself.”

I know “bespoke” isn’t a verb, but then, anything is a verb if you try hard enough.

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So I’m still sick, but I think I’m over the hump. Like I said, colds seems to take a long ass time to burn through me these days. I had one bad feverish night, and now I just have a sporadic cough and some minor lung rattle. I managed to get the comic pages I was working on last week done, but I did have to skip shading them. That probably saved me two days at the pace I had been going. Spent yesterday working on the vote incentive, made some good progress, but it’ll still probably next Monday before I have that done. I guess the next incentive will have to be a simpler piece so I can make up for getting behind on them. (The current one involves 4 participants because I’m dumb and keep underestimating how long that will take me to color.)

But I have been taking it kind of easy. Not like, actual time off, but I’ve been dedicating my evenings to relaxing and playing some video games instead of getting back to drawing after dinner, which I don’t spend a lot of time on these days. Been replaying Mass Effect via the Legendary edition. That game is so good and I wish someone would make something else like it. Been playing on Legendary difficulty, but it don’t matter, because my Shepherd was a sniper on my first playthrough, and she’s a sniper this time around, and I am a one-shot machine. “Oh, some Geth took over one of your flotilla ships and you sent your own “special forces” in and they all got killed? Yeah, Imma take care of that for you right quick.” – One absolute massacre later… – “Yeah, no worries, got your ship back. So… those Geth really kicked you off your own planet huh? Yikes. What? I didn’t say you Quarians are a bunch of ninnies. Out loud. Oh by the way, know you’re a race of refugees, but I still looted the unholy fuck out of that ship, so… no need to thank me I guess.”

I kid the Quarians. I actually really like their post-exodus culture with their resource gathering pilgrimages and how each ship is sort of its own city state but still dedicated to the fleet. I wish they were in some form of media that extended beyond a single video game series. Really all you get to hear about them in the game is a dozen conversations with Tali, her loyalty mission in ME2, and a half dozen other miscellaneous Quarian encounters in the series in the game. And that’s kind of it.

The June vote incentive is finally up! Maxima is prepping for her night out.

And in the Patreon variants, she gets (un)dressed and takes a look through all the makeup options.




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