You’re handsier than a:

  • Frat bro whose dad is a judge.
  • A TSA agent desperate to make his contraband quota.
  • A happy ending competition.
  • A blind guy lost at a nudist resort.
  • A beloved actor from your childhood who is suddenly blowing up on Twitter. You know. For those reasons.
  • Saruman’s sweatshop. (Cause they’re making Saruman merch and his symbol was that white handprint)

Of course, Lapah didn’t say “Patty-Cake Convention,” as she probably has no idea what patty-cake is, but since patty-cake is a child’s game and not some folksy metaphor or sage aphorism, the translator was able to substitute what she really said, which translates more literally like “Slappy Worms.” It’s a game like patty-cake, but involves more cooperative finger twining like a two-person “Here is the church and here is the steeple,” but is otherwise a kids’ game that someone from Lapha’s corner of the galaxy would be familiar with.

Maxima allowed Dabbler to “patty-cake” Lapha for about 4 more seconds after the end of this page, then pulled them apart. Max may not like or trust Lapha yet, but Lapha is one of her subordinates now, so she gets equal protection, and Dabbler is someone who everyone on the team needs to be on DefCon 3 around.

Sydney’s getting antsy for some action, I guess. Honestly, this arc that started with Parfait getting summoned to the base took quite a lot longer than I imagined, which means that after doing this comic for 14 years, I’m still terrible at estimating the length of story arcs. So hey, consistency!

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Every so often I get the urge to try and draw Maxima all properly shiny, and this… isn’t my favorite attempt if I’m honest. I’ve been sitting on this for a little while doing little tweaks, and decided to finally publish it cause I’m already behind on these. The next one will (almost definitely) resume the trend of including a little mini comic to extend the scene a bit.

As usual, Patreon has some outfit variations as well as sans flagrante.

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