Arc-LIGHT’s dress code is pretty relaxed, as you can tell. Granted this is after hours, and in the office, not the field, but Maxima doesn’t even let Dabbler walk around with exposed side-panty most of the time. It doesn’t hurt that Zeph is off in DC with Max doing dungeon budget stuff. Maybe Gwen has plans later this evening.

Gwen’s office is more spartan than expected because this was my first time using the fisheye perspective ruler, which is a new tool with the latest version of CSP, and man did I mess it up a few times. I actually couldn’t figure out how to do a top down view, so I wound up combining a 2 point fisheye ruler with a 1 point vanishing perspective ruler and eventually it more or less worked out. Also, besides not being the kind of artist that particularly likes drawing a room full of cluttered knick-knacks, I thought it’d be sort of amusing to play against type and have Gwen be a bit of a neatnick. She definitely seems like she’d be the type to have a cluttered alchemy shop with dreamcatchers and wind chimes hanging from the rafters and piles of maps and 40 different half started knitting projects and vials of stuff all over the place.

The Tamer: King of Dinosaurs book 9 kickstarter is almost over. The campaign has long since funded, but you might be interested to know that it’s reached a bunch of milestones that now includes short stories covering the arrivals of five of the ladies, and their adventures surviving after getting dumped in Dinoland. It’s an add-on to the book kickstarter, but if you get it then you get all the short stories that have unlocked.

The July vote incentive is finally up! There was a disagreement about digitigrade and plantigrade leg configurations. What better way to resolve it than a race?

And in the Patreon variant, what better way to resolve it than a nude race? You know, to eliminate uh… wind drag I guess?



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