I’ve had the idea of this station in my head for a long time. Now that I’ve drawn it I realize it looks more than a little bit like Apokolips, but the portals on Fracture Station aren’t… well, I’m not sure what the big fire pits are for on Apokolips, but on Fracture Station, they’re fleet sized Stargates/wormholes. (I’m sure the fire pits on Apokolips were just something cool looking that Jack Kirby drew to look cool and a writer had to backfill their purpose.)

Of course I imagined it with about 1000 times the fidelity of what I’m capable of drawing. Here’s an amazing fan render of Cybertron from a guy over at Artstation. So imagine, like… lots more detail I guess. Fracture Station is basically a moon sized city and shipping port. Sydney will get and give more information about it on the next few pages obviously.

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