Hey Sydney, guess what happens if you invite (summon) an eager, young succubus over and hang out with her all night ogling boys and giggling and lounging around in PJs and talking about being an eagerly willing slave of a powerful Fiend lord? Oh wait, you already know.

Don’t worry, it’s not turning into that kind of comic. Or if that’s what you were hoping for, then… do worry, I guess?

What Sydney hadn’t considered is that Dabbler, for all her instigation, has her succubus nature pretty locked down. Parfait is actually still in Succubus Finishing School (Suc U). She’s doing her work internship credit with Thom. This incident might cost her a grade point in Power Control 201.

Succubi are famous vamps/honey pot/general seductresses, but they wouldn’t have that reputation if they were uncontrollably throwing themselves at the nearest warm bodies constantly. Becoming the Mistresses of Pleasure is a lot of what Suc U is about. The rest of it is all the advanced power refinements they can learn once they get their rampant randiness under control. That and advanced social acumen, manipulation, intrigue, etc.

The July vote incentive is finally up! There was a disagreement about digitigrade and plantigrade leg configurations. What better way to resolve it than a race?

And in the Patreon variant, what better way to resolve it than a nude race? You know, to eliminate uh… wind drag I guess?



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