I decided to skip the obvious flailing and property destruction that no doubt occurred immediately after the last page and jump back up to the base. Having an unplanned scene where Sydney lashes herself in the eye with a 3 million scoville noodle means that I get to draw her in a few upcoming key scenes with an eyepatch, but I’m sure I’ll get a few decent gags out of it.

Next weekend I’m going to the Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage. I’m not exhibiting obviously as I don’t have a book to sell or anything, but I’ve been doing this webcomic thing for a little over 2 years now and I have yet to go to a proper webcomic con. I’ll have a shirt with some Grrl Power stuff printed on it if you’re there and want to say hi. Now since this is over the weekend and I do most of my drawing over the weekend, I’m not sure what will become of next Monday’s comic. I tried to work ahead this weekend and I have it about half penciled already, but I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to get it finished by next Monday. I’ll definitely post something, just don’t be surprised if it’s not colored right away.

It’s been brought to my attention that not everyone knows who Sagat is, which isn’t actually all that surprising but exposes my insular world view. He’s a major recurring antagonist from the Street Fighter series. He’s got an eyepatch and his signature move is, you guessed it, Tiger Uppercut. FADC is a Street Fighter 4 reference, it stands for Focus Attack Dash Cancel. I admit that’s all a little inside baseball – obviously pop culture references are a staple of many of the jokes here, but I’ll try and be mindful of not making somewhat obscure knowledge the focus of the primary gag on the page. Click on idle loop Sagat there if you want to see a video of various combos of his in Street Fighter 4. (NSFW due to potty-mouthed rap music.)