Maxima and Dabbler flew back from their DC meeting on a plane, since there was no way Max was going to carry Dabs across country that way. She can carry people obviously, but her own personal deflector field doesn’t help the person being carried much, so she can’t even approach Mach 1 unless the carry-ee has their own toughness or protection. Dabbler could cast a force field spell or use a gadget, but again, Max would much rather sit back and relax in a Corinthian leather plush bucket seat and have a beer on a private plane than bridal carry Dabbler 1,200 miles.

There’s no way that kiosk doesn’t have an air vent in it. Although, in a fit of paranoia, the vent also has a lockdown in case a detector detects anything like knockout gas or carbon monoxide or the like. See, the lobby was designed by smart people who have also seen every heist movie and also read a bunch of comic books. They sat around a table and pitched entryway security, like, “Okay, above the kiosk there are super tough security windows with murder slots in them, and the guards wear armor…” and the next guy cuts in with “What about magnetic powers?” and the first guy snaps back “Let me finish! The metal wires of the security windows can be charged to set up their own magnetic field, which would interfere with magnetic powers, obviously depending on the magnitude of said powers. And just in case, have the guards wearing kevlar, ceramic plates and Oobtek inserts instead of metal armor. Now, how do you get through that?”
“Uh… lasers would go through clear windows.”
“Right, we can polarize the glass and UV coat it, and make it opaque to several other parts of the EM spectrum.”
“What, like put one of those microwave door cover weaves over them?”
“Something like that.”
“Well, a gas attack preceding an ingress would work if you could hit all the guards at the same time.”
“The guards would have gas masks on their outfits while on duty, and there will be a suite of sensors in the alcoves.”
“What about the person in the kiosk? Presumably we don’t want them looking like a Heavy Armored SS Trooper from a near-future anime.”
“The kiosk will have its own set of robust but more discrete defenses.”

And then the designers learn there’s going to be a large stretch of open skylights on the top floor and they throw their hands up and say “Fuck it, we did our job.”

All that is to say whoever’s is in the kiosk, or whoever is in there with them, must have elbowed a switch or something, because it shouldn’t normally steam up like that.

The new one is coming. I want to do a little add-on comic for it and it’ll be ready.

The July vote incentive is up! There was a disagreement about digitigrade and plantigrade leg configurations. What better way to resolve it than a race?

And in the Patreon variant, what better way to resolve it than a nude race? You know, to eliminate uh… wind drag I guess?



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