Max went into this expecting a lot of bickering and “he did this and that to me” and “she started it” and closed off body language and lack of eye contact, so she’s a little exasperated by all the snuggling and everything seeming to be working out. (Again, if it seems like everyone is too laid back about this, give it a few pages.)

I’m actually not sure what the dress shirt worn under dress purples would look like. I know in the USAF there’s a sort of “casual dress blues” that’s a short sleeve shirt with rank and epaulettes and nametags and the like, but that’s obviously not what is worn under a jacket, cause all that stuff would get pressed into your skin by the weight of the jacket. But it’s also probably not just a white dress shirt you can buy at Macy’s… is Macy’s still in business? (one quick googling later) Huh, I guess they are. It’s been a while since I was in a mall. Anyway, there’d probably be rank epaulettes and branch identification or something on the dress shirt worn under the jacket. I don’t know how often officers in dress uniforms sling their jacket over their shoulders or hang them on the back of a chair. I’d guess not all that often, so maybe it’s not a critical detail.

The August vote incentive is up! Yeah I know it’s late, so hopefully I’ll manage to get some bonus (read: overdue) incentives up as I attempt to catch up.

Oh no! Sydney’s been injured! A Wampa may or may not have been involved, I’ll leave the exact nature of the incident up to you. It’s not relevant to the picture. And before you’re like “Dave, Bandaged Rei is one thing, but floating unconscious in a bacta tank is probably an even narrower fetish.” just check the picture out.

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