I paired the tallest guy on the team with the two shortest women (excluding Sydney) because the thought amused me, but I admit that I probably drew Ren a little big here. He’s actually shorter than Anvil, at 6’5″. Peggy is 5’4″ and Seneca is 5’5.” If they were standing, then I drew it about right, with them coming up to somewhere between his shoulders and chin, but sitting, half of that height difference would be lost. It still amuses me.

One thing I’ve almost definitely overlooked in the comic is that I really can’t imagine Seneca being where she is in her career without having at least one tattoo somewhere. I’m not sure I ever said what branch she came from before Maxima poached her, but I’m thinking she was a Green Beret? I just googled that, and at the time this page is going up, only four women have ever become GBs. Maybe in the Grrl-verse that number is a little bit higher, but it seems a little unlikely she would have up and jumped into a newly created branch after an achievement like that. Although Maxima is kind of impressive when you meet her for the first time, and also there’s a decent chance that meeting was also when Seneca first learned about supers. Also it’s entirely possible she was getting a lot of sexist flak from others in her squad/group/division, or whatever organizational unit makes sense for GBs. After all, if the military is good at one thing, it’s being a total boys’ club and also being terrible to female soldiers and totally dismissing their complaints of harassment and sexual assault. So maybe Seneca figured having a female commander who could kick literally anyone’s ass might be an improvement. Also the pay was a lot better.

My point is, she’d probably have at least some Army tattoo, something denoting her company/platoon/squad? A GB specific tattoo might not be in the cards, as being easily identified as such could be a poor idea? Maybe save that one for after you’re retired or at least promoted out of field work. Maybe she’s got a company tat on her butt?

Maxima seems surprised here that so far no one is freaking out about what’s happened (and if that bugs you, give it a few pages, I can only fit so much in each strip) but keep in mind, she didn’t exactly order people to sit with their lust buddies, but that’s exactly what’s happened. There isn’t anyone sitting on opposite sides of the auditorium glaring at anyone else. Actually, everyone seems to have a lingering case of the handsies. If she hadn’t called the base to this meeting, there would probably be a lot of cuddling going on right now – cuddling with a lot of post-coital “Wow I can’t believe we just did that.” and “What got into us?” and “Is this going to be awkward now?”

The fact is that immediately explaining what happened is probably keeping the overall anxiety levels down. Honestly, there’s probably quite a few people in the building that figured with their resident house succubus, they’re surprised something like this hadn’t happened sooner.

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Oh no! Sydney’s been injured! A Wampa may or may not have been involved, I’ll leave the exact nature of the incident up to you. It’s not relevant to the picture. And before you’re like “Dave, Bandaged Rei is one thing, but floating unconscious in a bacta tank is probably an even narrower fetish.” just check the picture out.

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