Tantri-bind: Active Ingredient; nimora salka. Side effects include nausea, itchy scalp, temporary frigidity, random sphincter spasms (also known as Deadly Airlock Syndrome), fruitsome flappy woof-woofs, one of your eyes might move asynchronously, making you look bonkers or like Columbo. Consecutive doses can be fatal to succubi.

I haven’t done a full long shot of the auditorium (mostly to save time,) but basically the whole team is there. Everyone except the people needed to watch the doors and, you know, minimum facilities management. Oh, and I didn’t forget Gwen’s fishnets. They got removed sometime before the meeting.

Sydney’s like, “Of course we’re still friends… the kind that don’t open mouth kiss each other. Also stay away from my boobs. And if you try and go below my belt again, I will elbow drop you in the kidney from the top rope.” Of course to a succubus, that barely makes them an acquaintance. But Parfait is willing to adapt.

I imagine Hell High has fieldtrips to the usual places, like Avenum Lava Falls, the Obsidian Whirlpool, the Plateau of a Million Corpses, but it’s probably not until you get into Infernal College that the average student might visit non-infernal worlds during their coursework. Parfait is slightly better traveled than other demons her age, but this is still only like the 3rd or 4th time she’s been to Earth. (She went with Thothogoth to Galytn a few times before she met the team there.)

The August vote incentive is up! Yeah I know it’s late, so hopefully I’ll manage to get some bonus (read: overdue) incentives up as I attempt to catch up.

Oh no! Sydney’s been injured! A Wampa may or may not have been involved, I’ll leave the exact nature of the incident up to you. It’s not relevant to the picture. And before you’re like “Dave, Bandaged Rei is one thing, but floating unconscious in a bacta tank is probably an even narrower fetish.” just check the picture out.

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