No, they’re not going raffle off the succubus at the comic shop. Or more accurately, raffle off a chance to have your mana capacity drained by a succubus. There’s probably some state ordinance that would make that illegal, unless someone wanted to get pedantic about laws only applying to humans specifically. Of course, if a prosecutor wanted to press charges for sex raffles against a demon, that would set precedent by the state that demons are people. I guess they could try to go for a beastiality angle, i.e. having sex with a living thing that isn’t human, but I don’t think that would fly since a demon can give consent, and also some demons might punch you in the face or worse if you tried to legally define them as livestock.

But since there is no succubus raffle, they don’t have to worry about that. I guess Parfait just has to keep her mana sensing organ tuned to sniff out when someone walks in with some mana they’re not using and also hopefully has good hygiene.

Yes, Parfait has panties on. They’re made out of the same stuff as her smoke dress and can probably be banished with a thought, but she is technically decent.

Oh, and I modeled the church that Sydney’s store took over after the Presbyterian church that my parents took me to while I was growing up and didn’t get any say on what I did with my Sunday mornings. Gun to my head I couldn’t tell you what the difference is between Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Methodists, and all of the other “Catholic Lite” flavors of Christianity there are. The point is – yes, the main floor of the comic shop is where the church services used to be held after they cleared out the pews, so there is a raised pulpit and a humongous pipe organ against the back wall. Presumably the store hires an organist on some days to come in and knock out some Iron Butterfly or Hall of the Mountain King and other songs that sound cool on an organ. The church also had offices, an indoor basketball court that you could crank the hoops up against the ceiling so you could use the area for everything from dodgeball to plays to potluck lunches, and off of that building was a two story building with a sunday school and rooms for crafts and other stuff, and looking at it on google maps now it seems there’s also a full on pre-school? It wasn’t (or isn’t, I guess I should say) a megachurch by any means, but it was in an upper-middle class neighborhood in a suburb settled by oil executives and doctors and other muckety-muck professionals, so the collection plate was fairly bursting each week.

But now in the Grrl-verse, church attendance diminished, the collection plate got lighter and lighter and Halo-Co. bought them out, and now the shop has dedicated rooms for board games and tabletop games and Warhammer and all that stuff, and probably have people on staff who DM professionally and run games, and it’s turned into a bit of a non-school day-care. Not to mention they have at least one room serving as an arcade, and another with everything you need for a LAN party, and another set up as a theater with weekly showings of Rocky Horror and a big Halloween lineup that includes Evil Dead 2 and The Thing and people can vote for other movies. So, business is good.

Tom let Parfait go assuming she would have her pick of the team, or would “siphon” a few points off Sydney, but he probably wasn’t aware of Max’s no-zonking policy. It’s not the sex she has a problem with – well, her rules might be slightly biased against Dabbler on general principal – she just doesn’t want a critical member of the team out of commission if she needs them. People can be recalled from PTO or whatever the military uses (granted this team is very different than what you’d find at a regular military base, so maybe they actually do get PTO) but if they’re insensate and drooling on Dabbler’s sexual detritus couch, they’re not going to be much use to anyone.

I haven’t forgotten about the vote incentives. The nude version of the new one is basically done. I need to do a clothed version and the mini-comic still, but it’ll still realistically be next monday before it’s ready. The reason I’m so far behind with these is my mom had a fall, and she’s at that age and condition where that’s a big deal. So the last time I went down to help my parents out, I was spending a 2-4 hour chunk of my workday visiting with her at a physical rehab hospital thing where she’s staying until she can walk on her own again. I kept up with the comic but didn’t have a lot of time for much else.

The good news is that she’s doing well. The fall happened about 3 weeks ago and she’s recovered to the point that she’s able to move around with a walker in short bursts, and she’ll probably be getting home in by the end of this week hopefully?

I didn’t want to post about it until I had better news than “my mom broke her hip.” Normally I wouldn’t post about that kind of stuff at all, as I just want to post my inane ramblings on sci-fi/fantasy tropes and leave all the personal drama out of it, but it is impacting my work schedule and I wanted to assure you guys that I’m not straight up shirking on stuff I’ve promised. Somehow I’ll figure out how to get caught up. I’m not saying the team will fight “Guy Who Sends His Enemies to the Stick Figure Dimension” for 2-4 pages will definitely happen, but I’m not saying it definitely won’t. :)

The August vote incentive is up! Yeah I know it’s late, so hopefully I’ll manage to get some bonus (read: overdue) incentives up as I attempt to catch up.

Oh no! Sydney’s been injured! A Wampa may or may not have been involved, I’ll leave the exact nature of the incident up to you. It’s not relevant to the picture. And before you’re like “Dave, Bandaged Rei is one thing, but floating unconscious in a bacta tank is probably an even narrower fetish.” just check the picture out.

The Patreon version has nudes and variants, and a comic that reveals something interesting about the orbs.

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