Yes, I couldn’t think of a better page title. Sometimes I sit there thinking for like half an hour and google various idioms related to what’s on the page to turn into puns, and sometimes I just give up. There aren’t a lot of idioms about demons waving axes around in a comic shop.

I imagine a lot of interactions at demon owned/operated and customer frequented shops, there’s some expectation of belligerence at the checkout counter. You see, Sydney’s mistake here is not having a spiked baseball bat or a halberd on obvious display with a sign that says “Not for sale. The only way to get this is to PISS ME OFF!”

Demons are all about establishing dominance, which means the beginning of every commercial on Demon TV starts with “YOU PAY ATTENTION TO ME YOU LITTLE PUSTULE! IF YOU COME INTO MY STORE AND I FIND OUT YOU THOUGHT A COMMERCIAL WOULD BE A GOOD TIME FOR A BATHROOM BREAK I WILL KICK YOUR ASS! YOU WILL BE TESTED!”

Most people would be put off by that, but a lot of demons would think “I like the cut of his jib.” or “He’s no nonsense.” but also “I could take him.”

What I’m saying is Loki-horns-battle-axe-hammer guy here is trying to establish that he’s a serious guy. Sometimes you gain the upper hand, sometimes you get arm-barred by a neon-blue space noodle. It’s all part of the demon social contract.

The September vote incentive is up! Let’s call it the November vote incentive and just say I’ve still got two I.O.U’s, eh?

Well, Dabbler is doing her Dabbler things, and the Patreon version has a nude variant and a comic that… I don’t know, expounds on the goings on of the initial picture?



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