Back unto the breach. I missed you guys. Well, I checked in on the comments a few times but mostly I was drawing over the break, and hardly spending any time playing Far Cry 3, I promise. I did manage to get an extra page finished over the holiday so yay, buffer. Now I won’t miss a post if I lose power over the weekend or whatever.

The reason this takes place in Leon’s office (you can see the servers behind Max and Syd on the last page) is that I forgot to draw the funny shirt I was going to put on Leon the first time I put him in the comic, so I needed an excuse for him to change it. Of course, now that I’ve called it out, everyone will be all “It’s not that funny” when they see it, but  at least this way it leads to a good way for Sydney to be introduced to him and a few jokes on the next page.

As a nice little bonus this page shows a bit of a flashback to Max as a teen. I’ll eventually show her origin, but probably in little snippets here and there. I don’t know that every little detail needs to be spelled out.

Also I finished the background on page 120, so that page is finally complete. And if you didn’t see it last week, thanks to Shouri for her Sydney pinup.

Edit: Added the orbs and a little smoke, etc to Max’s flashback panel to make it more clear what happened.