So Leon evidently has his nerd chops in order. And don’t worry if you had trouble parsing “When does the narwhal bacon?” It is in no way a proper sentence, but to some of us, it makes sense. I will grant it is more of a Geek reference than a Nerd one though, according to my own private definition if the words.

Now something else to entertain you, Fred Perry of Gold Digger fame, which I’ve mentioned a few times before as being my favorite comic is finally doing a webcomic. As well as continuing a regular schedule with Gold Digger, cause Fred is a machine. You don’t even need to read its About section to tell that it’s heavily influenced by Adventure Time and My Little Pony. It’s called Action Time Buddies. It’s just getting started but still swing by and give it a look see.

Edit: A bit of an update, I’ve replaced Bochs with Puck, despite my memory, Bochs was a double amputee, and not actually a Dwarf. Also I’ve added Carrot – there’s a lot of dwarves I could have included but there’s only so much space and Carrot is one of the more notable ones.