Well, the immediate emergency has passed, so it’s time for a quick exposition. It doesn’t help mitigate the situation, but at least Sydney and Harem have a better idea of what they’re dealing with.

The “relatively recent emancipation legislation” means this particular category of magend isn’t forced to do a particular job. That said, a lot of ætholiths generally prefer occupations like librarian, security system overwatch, inventory management, stuff like that. Many of them will take their body to work, then hop onto a specialized control cradle, and essentially “become the system,” making them prized for such work. There’s a also a large contingent who prefer to live monomorphic lives, attached to a single body, just like all the other organics. That doesn’t mean they don’t upgrade their meatbags on occasion. Being able to feel EM like a shark is popular with them. Most of them have that function in their horns, so don’t expect the typical ætholith to go around headbutting anyone and throwing their 9G antenna out of whack.

Nearly all ætholiths are super not okay with jumping onto an unwilling host, because they don’t want anyone proving the anti-ætholith contingent fear mongering correct. If it’s found out that Lapha is trying to pull this move here on Earth, the other ætholith’s won’t invite her to play in any of their reindeer games anymore.

The new incentive is basically done. I want to put some finishing touches on it, but it should be up… you know, whenever I suggest it will be up with the Thursday comic that hasn’t worked out, so let’s say it will be up with next Monday’s comic, but there’s a teeny chance it might maybe be up with the Thursday comic. I mean, probably not, but maybe?

The new vote incentive is up! Crimson and Scarlett have a present for Ingsol!

It’s them, they’re the present. They’ve decided that “Sire-versaries” are a thing and Ingsol has to be convinced this is a good idea each time. Everyone thinks his pair of names-that-are-synonyms-with-red sirelings who are both women and who were both turned in that age range that ensure peak hotness means he’s a dirty old man, but he actually isn’t. It just worked out that way. And don’t forget that while it looks like there’s a 25 year age gap between the girls and him, it’s actually much worse, as he is 700 years old, while Scarlett is something like 180 and Crimson is only 40. But at the same time it’s meaningless as they were both fully adults when they got turned, so it’s all copacetic.

As usual, Patreon has the pair of them in various states of undress.

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