For those of you wondering, yes, Sydney has taped her hand to the shield orb. I was going to include dialog to that effect, including how she suspects letting go of it at this depth would be pretty much instantly fatal to at least her, but I decided against it because it covered nearly all of the first panel.

As some people suggested on the previous page, Sydney is holding the shield orb and the Fly Ball, but she can’t use the Oxygenator at the same time, but its easy for her to refresh the air while Maxima flies the shield down from the inside. I’m not sure how fast Sydney can move through water. Probably pretty fast, but on this particular trip she took it somewhat slow so that she didn’t klonk a whale on the head or whatever trouble you can get into racing through the ocean.

For the oceanographers on hand, they are descending the continental shelf, at the top end of the bathypelagic zone. And yes, the water should be almost pitch black below 1000 meters, but you know, an all black panel except for the shield bubble wouldn’t help to establish the setting. It’s like how incredibly brightly lit “pitch black” scenes are in movies. Just pretend you’re watching your partner stumble around in the dark but you’re an anthropomorphic fox person detective, and you’re like “You really can’t see anything? Cause I can see fine.” and he’s all “No, I can’t, and before you remind me, I know your sense of smell is better than mine too. But I can tell chartreuse from mauve you color blind wanker.” Because you have this scrappy relationship and also I guess your partner is British.

I mean, do that if the movie isn’t holding your attention, but that threshold is different for everyone.

Speaking of Leagues, 20,000 is 69047 miles. So… did they circumnavigate the Earth like, 2.3 times in that book? Cause that seems a long way to go in a submarine.

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