This page exists because of all the times I’ve seen people get possessed in shows, and their eyes change, and I can’t help but think, “That has to hurt.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen it addressed in any show I can think of. Of course, if you turn into a werewolf, all that bone stretching and tail growing and fangs ripping through your gums might hurt, but a ghost possesses you and your iris disappears? Yeah, no worries mate.

The eye change is different than the eye glow, and you’ve got two types, the outer and inner glow. Like, maybe there’s an illusion of light pointing away from the eyes, and the “caster” can’t see their own illusion. If it’s just a real light floating just in front of the eyes, they’d blind themselves. And if it’s an internal glow… again, it could be an illusion, but in cases where it definitely isn’t, say, Stargate SG1 – that would definitely blind the user. Eyes are sensitive to light. Setting off a bioluminescent road flare inside the eyes wouldn’t be good for the owner of said eyes. Yes, the Goa’uld can heal the host, but then I have to imagine that every time a Goa’uld does the eye-glow, they’re like “Shit, I know most species find that intimidating, but I hope nothing important happens for the next seven and a half seconds.”

For some of those eye-changes, you can argue that it’s just some mystic contact lense that appears over the eyes. Basically just superficial and cosmetic, and the eyes don’t actually change. But in some shows, they give you a close up of the eye after the possession is over to show it changing back. That’s probably not an illusion – the eyes are physically changing. So you’re possessed by Bast or whatever, and now you have cat eyes. Well, human eyes don’t really have a mechanism to change like that, so, fine, it’s Bast magic. Except when Bast gets sent back to her kitty litter phylactery or whatever, am I supposed to believe that the possession magic has a built-in “make sure the host springs back to how they used to be, gracefully and painlessly”? No. Gods don’t care about that shit. If it would change back at all (and it always does in every show,) it would be a painful mess. So that’s what inspired me to make this page.

If I’m honest, I might not dedicate a whole page to eye depossession if it happens in the future, but it’s safe to assume that some ibuprofen will be involved.

The new vote incentive is up! This is a bit of a weird one as it’s a character that hasn’t appeared in the comic.

It’s my Ifrit Pathfinder 1e monk, Fray! Ifrits don’t really make great monks in Pathfinder, as player characters they get a +2 to Dex and Cha, but -2 to Wis. For monks, Dex is good, Cha is largely irrelevant, but Wis is important as it can add to your AC and also has something to do with Ki points I think. But I didn’t care. I wanted a character with dark blue/gray skin and glowing orange hair, so that’s what I picked. (I don’t think Ifrit even really have dark skin, so maybe she’s 1/4 Drow? Don’t care. I think she looks cool.) Will she show up in the comic? I mean… maybe? Probably in a Dabbler flashback, but who knows?

As usual, Patreon has her in delicto flagrante.

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