I’m going to pop back and forth between good guys and bad guys in shorter sequences for a bit here, instead of going on 80 page benders. I’ll probably return to that once I hit a good stride with a storyline, but if you’re wanting to see what happens to Sydney after groin recombobulation, you won’t have to wait long.

I haven’t gone into much detail as to what Escorpia, now Sciona’s superpower is. We’ve only seen her use it on the girl at the ¡Arriba Mart! (I’m deciding retroactively that’s what it was called) and it basically turned her into Transcendence el Gato as far as an external observer could tell. But we’ll be seeing a bit more of her abilities in the near future.

The new vote incentive is up!

Oh no! Superheroines in a deathtrap! Well… a tickle trap. Okay, not trapped, trapped, but… look, three of the girls are getting tickled. Actually, in a way, seven girls are getting tickled since the other four Harems will feel this as well, but technically it’s only the three shown in the picture since Harem insists there’s only one of her – it’s just confusing since she can be in 5 places at once.

As you can probably imagine, Patreon shows what happens if they laugh, and also has a comic revealing who is behind this nefarious situation.

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