I mean, if you do have to hide a bomb somewhere… Well, okay, if there is such a place as a museum of famous movie bombs, that would almost seem to be too obvious a place to stick it. I think a museum like that could be viable, I mean, it’d kind of have to be a wing of a larger movie prop museum probably. Honestly, there’s probably like, a dozen really distinct bomb props before you get into the bundle, or fasces if you will, of dynamite and/or the block of gray C4 with a clock or digital readout and a bunch of wires. Most movies don’t go out of their way when it comes to art direction for its bombs.

So the Grrl-verse laws regarding super powers is probably unrealistically progressive. (Some*) Humans are frightened, stupid animals that will lash out at anything different than them, but when America’s leaders in this ‘verse sat down to figure out what to do with Supers, there was fortunately someone at the table smart enough to counter the calls to “round them up and exterminate/concentration camp/dissect them” with “Well, what if we do that, (and that’s assuming they don’t immediately kick our asses) but China/North Korea/Iran/etc. doesn’t?” Nothing like fighting a little xenophobia with xenophobia.

Once past that hurdle, then you’ve got to scramble to come up with laws that 1) won’t immediately get slammed down by the courts and 2) do a reasonable job of protecting rich people and politicians, but also poors and supers, I guess. Most super powers honestly fall right into existing laws. Don’t assault people. Don’t batter people, even if your Supranym is “The Tempura-er.” Don’t cause property damage. Don’t break laws on a large scale because then you’re either a terrorist or a large corporation, and an individual Super probably doesn’t have the lobbying power of a large corporation. Well, unless that’s his super power. God, that’s a scary thought. Super PAC, with the ability to accept unlimited amounts of donated money and legally bribe lawmakers into doing basically anything he wants.

But some new laws did have to be written. Stuff involving clairvoyance and privacy. Telepathy, invisibility, etc. The ability to duplicate objects? If you’re not a mint, there’s a good chance you might be committing fraud if you mis-employ that power. Honestly there’s a lot of new, very specific laws that did need to come about, but really, existing laws did cover most of the less esoteric powers.

So as Maxima says, accessing someone’s brain without their permission is permissible under certain circumstances.


Rising Tides Cover

Marion G. Harmon of “Wearing the Cape” fame has the first book in a new series out, Rising Tides (Capes Book 1). It’s set in the WtC universe, but stars a new hero, and builds on the setting established in the original WtC books. I haven’t read it yet myself, as it just came out a week before this page went up and I’m finishing up another series first, which I may or may not recommend. It’s good, but I don’t know if it’s like, recommend good. But I’ve always enjoyed Harmon’s books, so he gets a sight unseen thumbs up from me.


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Every so often I get the urge to try and draw Maxima all properly shiny, and this… isn’t my favorite attempt if I’m honest. I’ve been sitting on this for a little while doing little tweaks, and decided to finally publish it cause I’m already behind on these. The next one will (almost definitely) resume the trend of including a little mini comic to extend the scene a bit.

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