I do think Lapha has a valid, if entirely self-serving point about meeting strange new life and “normalizing” it, i.e., locking down any part of it that makes it threatening to humans, be they Supers or not. On the other hand… if you’re an alien who has eye lasers that can disintegrate people and leave just some dusty clothes flapping in the eddies of their atomized flesh, it’s probably not entirely unreasonable to ask you to wear ruby-quartz shades.

Maxima will absolutely pound the stuffing out of someone who attacks her or her team, but she also tries to keep an eye out for talent. She wouldn’t consider this course of action with Lapha if Dabbler hadn’t been able to lock her down, and even now it’s probably a little bit risky, but you don’t make a living at being a superhero if you’re looking for a boring and safe existence.

As far as Maxima wanting a memory copier on her team and the ethical considerations revolving around that, give her at least a page to explain. As per my usual hedge, I can only fit so much on a given page.

Oh, and if you’re unfamiliar with the quintessential “Are we the baddies” reference, please enjoy.

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Every so often I get the urge to try and draw Maxima all properly shiny, and this… isn’t my favorite attempt if I’m honest. I’ve been sitting on this for a little while doing little tweaks, and decided to finally publish it cause I’m already behind on these. The next one will (almost definitely) resume the trend of including a little mini comic to extend the scene a bit.

As usual, Patreon has some outfit variations as well as sans flagrante.

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