Hagfish are revolting. Just go to youtube and search it. Just for fun, here’s a snippet from Wikipedia; “Hagfish can exude copious quantities of a milky and fibrous slime or mucus, from specialized slime glands. When released in seawater, the slime expands to 10,000 times its original size in 0.4 seconds.” They’re considered good eats in South Korea, so I guess the shabby Triad boss there has a Korean grandma or something and grew up on the stuff, and inflicts it on his descendants as well. While drawing this page I decided the gray blazer guy is his son? Not sure that will ever be relevant with these characters, but, you know, backstory!

In the meantime I will vociferously resist the urge to call the guy in the cloak “The Hagfish” because I have a bad habit of sticking with the first name I assign a character. Especially since cloaky hasn’t exhibited any mucus secreting abilities. You can’t name someone The Hagfish unless their primary ability is producing 10,000 times as much slime as you’d expect. I’m sure I told this story a long time ago in a comment somewhere, but Anvil was supposed to be a temporary name, but I couldn’t think of a better one for so long it stuck. Also, Maxima used to be Ultima, and I had a different character named Maxima, who was a Sydney-shaped girl, but she had telekinetic strength, making her one of the “strongest” in my pantheon. I just liked the idea of a skinny girl one-arming a tank over her head. But it became increasingly obvious to me that Ultima should be renamed to Maxima since she’d encounter situations where she’d have to max-out her armor or strength. Even so, I think it took me like 7 years to officially make the swap in my head. And even though I think it’s a little silly when superheroes have given names that serendipitously align with their super powers, I couldn’t help but name Maxima Maximillia. I can defend that though, since it’s just an obvious nickname when your name is Maximillia, and being named “Maxima” on her superhero jersey isn’t actually descriptive of her powerset. Unlike Telford Porter. If I ever make a character with a name that obvious, like, Partikel Beam, you can be assured that his powers will not be projecting particle beams. It’ll be like… psychometry or something.

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Oh no! Superheroines in a deathtrap! Well… a tickle trap. Okay, not trapped, trapped, but… look, three of the girls are getting tickled. Actually, in a way, seven girls are getting tickled since the other four Harems will feel this as well, but technically it’s only the three shown in the picture since Harem insists there’s only one of her – it’s just confusing since she can be in 5 places at once.

As you can probably imagine, Patreon shows what happens if they laugh, and also has a comic revealing who is behind this nefarious situation.

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