This page is a little light on content… well, panels anyway, not dialog. It was some stuff I thought that needed to be said, but I was trying to lay it out in a way that would leave me time to get a head start on the next page. Only it turns out I needed all that time for the vote incentive for February. It’s Harem doing a Playboy shoot (she’s in lingerie but it’s a little PG-13) It’s a piece I’m doing for the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive, which is basically just an excuse to draw one or more of your characters in the buff. That version will probably wind up on the DeviantArt page so you don’t have to worry about accidental boobies here.

If this page gets you excited about Superhero public relations, there’s a comic out there just for you called The Hero Business, which is basically if someone made a comic about Arianna. Or someone with her job in a slightly more tongue in cheek superhero world. Actually the PR person in The Hero Business looks a bit like her coincidentally enough.