I probably could have skipped some of the last few pages and gotten on with the press event already, but then we would have missed out on this page and I’m sure we can all agree it was absolutely necessary. Well, maybe half of us. :)

This page is a little interesting besides the world building hidden amongst the cheesecake is that this page is a redraw. When I was gearing up to do the comic, I started drawing scenes that I knew would eventually happen. Since I wildly underestimated how long it would take me to actually get to this scene, it didn’t occur to me how much my art would change in the interim. Also, some of the circumstances of the scene are different, like the eyepatch. You can see the (slightly more NSFW) old page here. (It has a few girls in the shower but you can’t actually see anything.) Look how skinny Heatwave’s (the redhead’s) hips are. Yuck.

For those interested, I have three other old pages like this that will need to be partially or entirely redrawn. Two of them are from Dabbler’s… well, not backstory, but “so what were you doing right before you came to Earth?” I decided to skip over them during her introduction around page 100, but they’ll eventually get used.