This is one of those pages that suffers from the weekly format. The “…what?” isn’t supposed to some dramatic cliffhanger, the end of this page just happened to be a good place to break the conversation, but having to wait a week to see what caught Sydney’s eye will make it far more dramatic that was intended.

In the meantime, marvel at Peggy’s incredibly spartan workbench which also happens to take a lot less time to draw than if she was a big slob. Don’t worry, this is just the tinker bench in her room, she has a proper one down in the armory.

For anyone wondering, they have a machine shop down in the vehicle bay and a… fabric… fabricator… is that just a tailor? A seamster shop? Whatever it’s called they can drop a design into a machine and it makes a sleeve they can slide over one of the choker blanks which is how they came up with Sydney’s so quickly. As soon as Arianna said “Halo” she was thinking of color schemes, icons, t-shirt designs and how you’d incorporate those orbs into action figures.

Rebecca Cohen who does the fun GynoStar comic I’ve linked before is trying to get a Netroots Scholarship, which basically means she can attend an otherwise expensive conference and hobknob with other feminists and bloggers. Stop by and read her comic and if you’re so inclined, throw her a vote.