That train guy behind Lincoln in the sombrero? Some people say he’s crazy. Some people say he’s… Loco. Get it? Last name Motive? >cough<
Ok, so if you read the comments avidly you know I’ve said in the past that supers have only been around for a little while, but I’ve been writing waaaaay ahead of where we are now, and it will make more sense if they existed in limited quantities prior to that. I don’t think I ever said when they started showing up in the actual comic, but it’s implied that it’s a recent phenomenon way back on page 6 when Sydney and Joel are talking about it. Of course, that’s only as far as they know, so I think I’m good as far as continuity goes in that regard.
Speaking of writing, this page and the whole press conference in general have taken me longer to write that anything that’s come before it because I realized that almost none of it was funny. See I basically knew more or less what the talking points of the press conference were going to be almost since before I started putting the comic online, so I had some important bits of dialog written down, but now that we’re up to it I’m realizing that the comic has changed in some significant ways since its inception. The early pages have one joke, maybe 2 or 3 on a page, but now some pages have a dozen if you include pop culture nods or the stuff you have to zoom in a little to see, and suddenly at the press conference we’re back down to 1-2 jokes a page at best. So I spent a good amount of time retooling the scene, but I don’t want to drag out the press conference by making the pages all amusing stuff and little content. Arianna only gets through 5 sentences on this page. It will probably be a mix of humor and infodump,
I have to say I really enjoyed drawing that middle panel. It was supposed to be half as big with just Lincoln and “Firish” back to back, but I kept thinking of more stuff to add to it, and now I kind of want to see a period superhero comic with coalpunk robots in it.
This coming weekend is A-kon, which is the only convention I attend with any regularity at the moment, and I’ll be doing a panel “Humor-Based Webcomics 1 – Humor in Story” Follow me on twitter and I’ll keep you up to date once the con starts. Seriously, will anyone be there? Let me know.