Aaaand that’s the last time I draw the press corps all in a group like that. Seriously that panel almost took as long as the rest of the page.

So A-kon was good fun, I did a panel about writing comedy in story with Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties, a humorous autobio comic, and Katie Tiedrich of Awkward Zombie which is mostly video game humor. After the panel I got to chat with some readers which was cool and handed out quite a few of those postcards I made (not the ones with the misspelling) and these little dice my wife had made that have the logo on them. So if you’re a new reader then welcome! I also got a cool pen from a reader that he made after I pined about wanting a pen like Arianna’s. I’ll probably use it to sign things in the future.

Also got to meet Sonny Strait, who I knew did “We Shadows” but it turns out is also a voice actor for Funimaiton, so he was pretty busy during the con. Turns out he’s a Dallas local as well so we’ll probably get drinks some evening when we’re not both slaving away over hot pixels. Also got to meet Blair B. of Star Crossed Destiny who helped set up the panel. I must guiltily admit that both Sonny and Blair’s comics are in my “to read” queue still. That’s just the way it is when you spend your weekends drawing instead of reading.

However I do keep up with Head Trip, which is a funny and well drawn comic by Amanda Bussell, and I happened to bump into her while I was resting my poor legs. I won’t say Peggy has it good, but on the second day of walking around for 10 hours I was wishing I could detach my feet.

And I got to hang with Fred Perry a bit and talked about coloring techniques. I’m not sure if his method is faster than mine but I’ll give it a shot. I mean, it is just because he mostly does cell style shading on his characters, I mean how he sets up his channels and layers. I’ll report back with an explanation once I give it a shot.