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Since I know someone will mention it, apparently both “possum” and “opossum” are correct. They’re actually two similar but different animals. Opossum refers to the North American variety, they’re gray and have a bare tail. They sort of look like giant rats with white faces. Possums are natives of Australia and some of the surrounding island countries, have fuzzy tails, and look more like chubby brown lemurs, though there’s a lot of variety among the 70 subspecies.

Poor Suzie, she may be a little underprepared for this. She’s wanted to be a reporter forever, but doesn’t quite have the requisite banked knowledge yet.

In my head, Maxima’s teacher with matches comment was longer and a bit more antagonistic, but the editor in me said she’s probably at least trying to play ball a little here and not make an enemy of the press right off the bat. Certainly there will be lots of hyperactive reactionary radio talk show and internet comments and wringing of hands about that topic and others, but I think for the most part, those battles will be fought outside of the comic with just a mention here and there.