I really hope I got the particulars about Posse Comitatus correct. There’s been significant discussion about it in the comments leading up to this so I absorbed what I could. There are probably plenty of nuances I’ve missed, for instance it was suggested they should live under DoHS until wartime, when they’d be moved back under DoD… except that would probably never happen since (hopefully) war will never be declared within the borders of the US after the pending GIF/JIF civil war. Look at the Coast Guard. They used to be military but are now under DoHS. Well, we’ve been at war for the last decade at least, and they’re still under DoHS, presumably because there isn’t an enemy navy encroaching on the US Coastline.

That final panel is probably one of my favorites so far, and not just because it’s the one with all the jokes in it. We’re almost past the perfunctory stuff in the press conference, I’m aiming to make it far shorter than some of the other scenes so far because there’s lots of fun stuff after it.

It’s too far in to fix now, but I realize that as a Lt., Peggy should be wearing her dress… purples. Dress eggplants? Red gets maroon, but there isn’t a word for dark purple that just means dark purple. Well, for whatever reason Max okayed it.

Anyone spot the cameo here?