Had I planned ahead better I would have introduced the clicker earlier as there’s once or twice Arianna probably would have already used it. I’m sure it will show up sporadically. I’m also sure Arianna often wishes it was a tazer.

Dabbler’s name can be correctly spelled as Xuriel or Zuriel, since her native language (Infernal) have some phonemes that English doesn’t. Really, the best way to spell it would be Zhuriel, or maybe even “Juriel” where the J sounds the same as the J in Jacques or Taj Mahal. It’s actually quite a common sound in English; “ge” in beige, the “s” in version or the “X” in luxurious. Heck, if you’re Sean Connery, you can’t make it through a day without using it. Speaking of English’s shortcomings, I think G should always be hard and J should always be soft, and while we’re at it, let’s just switch to Unifon. So I guess you could write her name Zuriel. If you guys have ever read some of the Dirty Pair comics that Adam Warren did, you can see examples of Unifon in use. When I do a “What was Dabbler doing before she joined Archon” flashback, I’m sure I’ll slip some in, so get your decoder rings ready. :)

I seem to have been upgraded from special guest to semi-regular on the The Trade Podcast. I make another appearance so listen in if that’s your bag.

And speaking of podcasts, I did one a while ago over at TGT, and they’re running a tournament where they pit guests against each other, so you can go over there and give that a listen and throw down a vote if you’re so inclined. Hopefully their page doesn’t take a dump. It was acting squirrelly Sunday night.