Hey Sydney, do something embarrassing then act like a lunatic. Oh yeah. There it is. That’s what we’re all here for.

Hmm. Not too much else to say about this page. Not really sure where Sydney had The List stowed. Presumably inside the flight suit… ooh, I know, down in one of the pockets on the legs. Mystery solved.

So anyone looking forward to Saint’s Row IV? I don’t have nearly as much time for video games lately, but open world mayhem games are high on my list. I’ve enjoyed the Saint’s Row and Prototype series quite a bit. (Just Cause 2 was pretty good too)  GTA not so much after GTA 3, mostly because of the incongruous storylines. The stories are all about characters who are trying to make good, then the missions are “kill 20 people in a drive by” where as in Saint’s Row, you’re a gangster trying to violently take down all the other gangs, and the missions are “Steal a septic truck and spew sewage all over downtown” or “have a car chase only instead of cars it’s in rickshaws drawn by guys in gimp suits.” Prototype was just “Hulk: Ultimate Destruction” with a protagonist they didn’t have to pay a license to use.

Who knows, maybe GTA 5 will be better about that. The trailers make it look like you’re up to no good, but it’s definitely the most tame of the big open world games. I may pick it up when it comes to PC. Anyway, Saint’s Row 4 has a character maker you can download for free. I made Maxima in it. Weirdly with all the options they have that was the closest I could get. Their lack of belly shirts disturbs me. It’s either tube tops or giant shirts and jackets.

Oh, and Grrl Power has moved on to Round 2 of the TGT Tournament. Thanks for your votes!