Is the press supposed to applaud? I asked around on twitter and the consensus was “depends.” I don’t mean sycophant press, like game journalists at E3 or tech press at an Apple unveiling. I mean proper, serious press. It’s hard to remember because news is mostly just entertainment these days, but it seems like the White House Press corps for example is there to report, not embolden. On the other hand, while these journalists obviously take their jobs seriously, someone did just take a chunk out of a tank with a haser. I’m trying to imagine if Ed Bradley, Tom Brokaw, Howard Cosell, and Walter Cronkite would applaud, or just nod seriously and ask an insightful follow up question. Not that this particular group of reporters ranks in that echelon.

That radio show I mentioned last week, Otaku Attack didn’t happen unfortunately. I had guests over and just plain forgot. I would feel worse about that, but apparently the show got bumped anyway for some sports thing. Tentatively we’re planning on doing it this Saturday (11pm-1am CST) but I need to confirm that. Keep an eye out here and on twitter for updates.

I hope to have the Anvil pinup colored by tomorrow. It’s mostly done, I just have to finish the background. In the meantime, I uploaded the highres inks here in case anyone would like to try their hand at coloring it.

Edit: For anyone checking up last minute on the radio show, it’s no go this week. Probably next week but I’ll update as I learn more.