I penciled this page and then thought I should check the lift capacity of Ospreys. Tour busses have quite a range of weights depending on the model and options. Even if ARCHON rented a bus based on weight and… you know, whether or not it would disintegrate while being airlifted… it’s probably a stretch to think the Osprey could carry one.  That’s why Dabbler is hanging off the top of the one there. She’s maintaining a few Tenser’s Floating Disks equivalents under the wheels there to help out.
That artillery range has a huge parking lot. Must be one of those touristy artillery ranges.
Vote incentive is updated with the inks. It’s partially colored but the flats are pretty boring. I’ll try to have it done by next week.
Oh and I almost forgot, but if things go as planned, I’ll be a guest on a college radio show this Saturday called Otaku Attack which you can listen to off of this page. Note the 9pm – 11pm time listed there are for West Coast time… well, technically Mountain Time but AZ is weird about daylight savings. I’m in central and their show started at 11pm for me. It’s not a podcast so there won’t be a recording of it, but on the plus side you could call in to the show and as questions… unless I’m tying up the line and they only have one. I’ll update here and on twitter as I learn details.