I need to go back through the comic and put little sparkles on Max whenever she’s out in sunlight. I have to say I’m fairly pleased with the art on this page. There’s always things that could be better, but when I loaded it up to post the comic my first thought was “Hey that’s pretty good looking.” Although I just noticed that Dabbler’s braids change color. :/ Something else for the fix list. Edit: Fixed the braids and I also boneheadedly reversed the colors on Maxima’s choker, which is also fixed.

Anyone who doesn’t quite understand what’s going on in the middle row of panels because you’ve just recently joined us might want to jump back to here and read the next few pages. Well. Dabbler is teleporting a gun to her hand. I mean the stuff about her looking like a purple demon.

Let’s see. To wrap up on some stuff I’ve mentioned over the last few weeks. Shadow Warrior was great. Wearing the Cape: Young Sentinels was a good read as well. Probably not as good as the first book in the series, but most novels are like that. That said, I did enjoy The Trials of Renegade X even more than the first one, for reasons I can’t really even hint at without spoiling stuff. Not that there’s tweests left and right, but… well even saying stuff like that can be spoilery. Are there twists? You don’t know! Bah. I need a forum for people who have read the same books as me. Or just more meatspace friends that read superhero novels.