AKA Coilgun, Gauss Gun, Scram Cannon (sort of), Kinetic Bombarder. I think we’ve mostly settled on “railgun” as the common name for the things, though I sort of have a soft spot for Gauss Gun. Really big one would still be called mass drivers I assume. Deciding on where the railgun/mass driver demarcation is the next debate I suppose.

Drawing debris is tedious. I probably should have drawn more crap flying out of the tank, but I need to figure out how to do that without making that take up the bulk of the time I spend on the page.

I just found this comic over the weekend and thought it was really funny. It’s called Superbitch. I’ll let you guess what it’s about. I’ll just say the titular character and Maxima would probably get along… for a little while anyway.

Update: Looks like linking to Superbitch took down their site (oops) but it’s sorted out and they’re back online if you didn’t get a chance to read it yesterday.