Taking a break from all the explosions for a second, this page establishes one important fact, which is that Dabbler doesn’t share her tech – not even with her teammates. Basically she has a prime directive kind of thing going on. Polluting an economy with tech that can be likened to magic has far reaching consequences.

In some ways, Dabbler represents the biggest threat to global stability of any character in the story, good or bad. After all, if you wanted to topple the world economy, find a way to power every automobile that doesn’t use established fuel sources and start selling it (along with conversion kits.) If it was tech that would take humans 20 years to reverse engineer, all the oil companies would go out of business (or be reduced to a handful of much smaller businesses – oil is useful for a lot more than just fuel after all.) Unemployment would skyrocket and the global economy would be turned on its ear. That’s one reason of many that Dabbler was under surveillance from Arc-DARK, but she has no interest in that sort of thing. She’s essentially here on a working vacation. That isn’t to say she’s the first alien to discover Earth of course…

Dabbler does actually have tech that she can release without it immediately disappearing. Live grenades for instance. :)

Edit: Fixed Pinkie’s hair in the first panel and played with Dabbler’s breasts a bit (hur hur) since people were finding the water balloon breasts distracting. Nothing too drastic, just making them look a bit more squooshier and attached.