I don’t know why I gave Sydney an explodey cutting beam. Drawing cross sections of things is a pain in the butt.

There was lots of discussion of Dragonball Z in the comments last week, so I thought I’d link this – A group called Team Four Star has taken DBZ and edited it down to just the important parts (they get all the way up to the androids in just a few hours), then redubbed it (really well I might add – even if the first few episodes are a little rough) and it’s really funny.

Grrl Power is now available on Comic Chameleon, which is an iPhone app that lets you read webcomics one panel at a time, which is ideal for the small screen. (An iPad and Android version is coming) The other nice thing about the app is that 2/3 of the ad revenue they make on the app comes back to the comic author. A paid, ad free version of the app is in the works too. I think it’s just two guys making it. Really the coolest thing about the app for me is that Grrl Power is now listed alongside some rather notable comics like Girls with Slingshots, Dumbing of Age, Chainsaw Suit, Oglaf, etc. The only drawback to the app is that someone has to set up the panels for you to advance through. In this case my wife sacrificed a whole Saturday, like literally 12 hours doing it.

In other news, I lost a hard drive this weekend (two actually… sort of – I won’t bore you with the gory details.) The comic is all in my Dropbox so I didn’t lose anything critical, but I did lose all day Saturday and a few hundred bucks reinstalling Windows, Paint Tool SAI, Illustrator, etc. The next page might have spartan backgrounds or something, I’m not sure how losing a day will affect my schedule yet. On top of that, I renewed the hosting for the comic for another 5 years, so there went my portable drawing tablet fund. That being the case I’d like to point out that if you’ve ever had the urge to support the comic (besides liking/tweeting/telling your friends) the Amazon link in the “What I’m Reading” widget is a great way to do that. You don’t have to buy the book I have linked, just visit Amazon via that link and buy whatever you were going to buy anyway in the same browsing session, and it will drop a few pennies in my hat. Well, it’s a percent of what you buy, like… 6%, unless a lot of people are referred through the link then it goes up… there’s a chart.  It doesn’t cost you a dime extra. Anyway if you were planning on getting a next gen console through Amazon, or a $5,000 plasma TV, or maybe even doing all your Christmas shopping there. You know. Just saying.

Edit: With so much else going on I forgot to post this. I recorded myself coloring this page -well, 2 hours of it anyway – which means I got though the foreground characters. The coloring was done in Paint Tool SAI. It’s not sped up or anything as I was trying to show the exact process. Here’s the link.