Stalwart practically did do that. He didn’t want to get his suit dirty though. Maxima’s boot probably should have exploded when she kicked the tank though. Mythbusters needs to get on that. “Will your boot explode if you kick a tank hard enough to flip it over?” Grant would have to build a hell of a robot to test it, but I can imagine the maniac laughter when they got it to work.

Actually those guys and really every skeptic out there would really have their work cut out for them in a world with superheroes in it. If one person in a million or so really could run on water or heal with a touch, the number of scammers would increase explosively. Actually it would probably become so rampant the government would actually have to start regulating it. You couldn’t claim you were psychic unless you actually were. Of course that would lead to people suing for the right to continuing to scam people. That would certainly be an interesting side effect of superheroes, which is one of those things I love thinking about, the extended what if’s of a world with one thing different. It’s nerdy unless you call it alternate history, then it’s academic.

If Max really did get to throw out the opening pitch, I can just imagine the catcher sweating bullets until Anvil tapped him on the shoulder and offered to stand in. She’d be the best option our of anyone to be on the other end of that. The pitch speed radar gun thingy would top out at 999 mph then explode.


I want to thank everyone that’s donated or bought something through the Amazon link so much. I really appreciate the support and it means a more than I can say. Seriously I’ve been sitting here for like an hour trying to figure out what to type. I’ve always been bad a accepting compliments just because I don’t know what to say other than thanks. I wanted to personally email everyone back who donated but it quickly became apparent that I could either do that or I could spend that big chunk of time working on the next page, so I opted for that route. It’s gratifying and validating and… I would say humbling, but it’s not like I was walking around town with a giant gold medallion that said “Webcomic Artist” and telling people to step back lest their mundanity interfere with my creative meridians. (Speaking of scammers)

I’d very much like to do two comics a week for a while as a way of saying thanks, but I don’t want to promise anything because if a job does come along I’ll need to jump in. I’ll try and keep everyone updated with posts here and on Twitter.

Oh and the vote incentive should be updated sometime today (Monday.) I have something roughed out but it’s really rough at the moment, so give Dabbler one more click and check back later.