On a scale of one to “I will invent a time machine explicitly for murdering your parents,” how mad do you think Arianna is? Probably something between “I will soak your panties in Icy Hot” and “I will stab you in the ear while you sleep.”

I didn’t want to cover this page with sound effects, but imagine enveloped in an explosion like that is really quite loud. Not deafeningly loud, Sydney’s shield cuts the decibel level off at a tolerable level, but still it’s all “BOOOOM CAT-ROAAAAR AAARG!” in there or whatever mix of onomatopoeia that would sound like. It’s unclear that the people in the back heard Sydney, but at least with the force field clipping the decibels, Maxima isn’t being totally drowned out by it.

This page doesn’t have a whole lot on it unfortunately but it’s a needed transition to the next page, which is why I said that this sequence benefits from a fast read. The next two pages are pretty cool if I do say so myself. And… a few pages after that. I like my own comic if you can’t tell.

There will be another bonus comic this Thursday (yay), but after that I need to buckle down and start with the job hunting (boo).