Ok Maxima’s done being a jerk/diva now. The question is how much of it was calculated on her part to put out that honey badger vibe, and how much was her actually not giving an eff.

I suspect Maxima’s sudden departure wouldn’t have caused an actual “boom” simply because she’s not quite big enough – after all some of the noise a gun makes is the tiny sonic pop from the bullet (assuming supersonic ammo of course). Maybe I should have made the sound effect “Sonic Bloop” or whatever onomatopoeia  comes in between pop and boom. Boop? Somehow a Sonic Boop doesn’t have the same impact.

And yes this page had to end on the cliffhanger cause I couldn’t fit the reveal on the page and do it any justice.

Is it just me or does the pacing suddenly feel especially slow now after two weeks of double updates? I experimented with drawing two pages side by side this week to see if it would speed me up at all. It does, but not much. Really only when I’m coloring, and even then not by much, but that’s fine, anything that helps I’ll probably stick with.

I’m also working on setting up a Patreon account. Several people donated using the recurring payment option, which I very much appreciate, but for some reason those automatic payments failed, even though the regular one-time donations worked fine. Having a Patreon account will create another option for those interested in setting up something recurring. The hard part about setting up a Patreon account is actually coming up with rewards that don’t take a huge amount of time away from actually drawing the comic, and also don’t eat into potential rewards I might use to kickstart the book, like PDFs of said book. I know I could just set it up without all that fancy stuff, but obviously it would do better if I could give back something.