I’m kind of bad about getting right to the reveal, aren’t I? I decided to write the sequence this way because I’ve been thinking about the possibility of breaking down what I’ve done so far into smaller chapters and making e-books/PDFs, and maybe even full color print books instead of just the single 200+ page volume I had been planning on. This chapter (starting after Sydney arrives at Archon) would end on the reveal, and I wanted to make it so that book would tease the next scene as well.

The good news is that the proper reveal will be next Monday, and I think you guys will dig it. The more good news is that I’m back to doing 2 pages a week for at least the next two weeks, probably longer since I’m quite bad at job hunting. Speaking of which…

I finally got around to setting up an account over at Patreon. I invite you to check it out and leave feedback. I tried to set up some basic rewards that wouldn’t take time away from actually producing the comic while simultaneously not being super lame. That’s a fine line to walk. Again I have to say I really appreciate the donations I have received so far, and while I know that many of them were a once a year thing or even just one time, there were quite a few people who tried to set up recurring payments through PayPal, which PayPal then failed to process for whatever reason. Patreon offers a recurring payment alternative, and hey if it goes well, maybe I’ll be able to deliver two pages a week for the forseeable future. I’m not expecting Patreon donations to ever match my old salary, but if it helps slow down the rate of erosion to my savings, it will still be immensely helpful.

Oh and one more thing, slightly less important than all that but worth mentioning. I updated the Archon seal, which you can see on Maxima’s shirt. Since Archon is the 6th branch of the military, I thought it made sense that they would have a 6 sided star as part of their logo. (Plus it fits better with the hexagons I put all over their base.) I didn’t initially go with that because 6 sided stars are usually Stars of David which might send some confusing messages, but I thought this double caltrop design or whatever that is might look ok. Sheriff badges are usually anything from 5 to 7 pointed stars, and since Archon, or at least ARC-SWAT are cops, I thought the star motif worked well. The words around the seal in case you can’t read them are “VELOCITAS, INCURSIO, VIS” which is Latin for “Speed, Surprise, Violence of Action” which very much describes Maxima’s attitude toward combat, but isn’t a very friendly slogan compared to something like the police, who have a more “To serve and protect” attitude. I think maybe the shirt she’s wearing is something that was proposed early on but probably got dropped the moment Arianna got involved. In any case, I think I’ll go back through the comic when I get around to doing little art corrections and replace the old 5 sided star with this new one.